Announcing Our Whole Person Wellness Center

Whole Person Wellness is more than just a set of activities, but rather a philosophy that calls for a personalized nurturing of the mind, body and soul. The philosophy of wellness has been shown to benefit seniors in many ways, ranging from increased cognitive functioning, increased mobility, decreased use of medication, decreased anxiety and depression, decreased hospital visits and an overall enhancement of independence and quality of life.

The Whole Person Wellness Center is open to current residents at Norwood Crossing and is also available for individuals in their Medicare or rehabilitation needs. The next generation of seniors will demand wellness as a way of life and Norwood Crossing is proactively responding to these demands. Our Whole Person Wellness Center prepares us to serve not only current but future residents for years to come. Come see for yourself - schedule a tour TODAY!


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For more information or to take a tour of the facility, please call 773-577-5323 or contact us by email.

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