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Experience the Power of One

Norwood Life Care Foundation would like to extend an invitiation to you to participate in our new initiative, The Power of One. The Power of One is a campaign with two simple messages:

1) Make a will.
2) Include the Norwood Life Care Foundation as a beneficiary in your will for one percent or more.

    Why Do I Need a Will? (Click to expand)

A will serves you in many ways:

  • It allows your estate to be settled without unnecessary delays, taxes, or problems with distribution of your property
  • It allows you to determine who will oversee the estate settlement process
  • It allows you to specify what each heir will receive
  • It allows you to appoint a guardian for your children
  • It allows you to make special provisions for heirs with special needs
  • It offers you the opportunity to leave a legacy by supporting those charities that made a difference to you during your lifetime

    Why Should I Include Norwood Life Care Foundation? (Click to expand)

Norwood Life Care Foundation exists to support services to the seniors of our community. Our organization touches seniors at all points in their lives, from active seniors who utilize the Norwood Park Senior Center, to frail seniors who rely on meal delivery and other supportive services to remain at home, to the seniors who are no longer able to live independently and reside at Norwood Crossing.

No matter what our age, we all get older each day. One day we may need to rely on others to stay safe, secure and nurtured. With the help of our many supporters, the seniors in our community can rely on Norwood to be there when they need it.

Charitable gifts help us carry out our mission of supporting the very best in senior services, while also enabling us to go above and beyond in the care we provide.

Whether it is Expressive Arts Therapy, improvements to our building and campus, or the million dollars-plus in charitable care provided each year, Norwood Life Care Foundation is committed to excellence in care and services to seniors.

By leaving us a gift of one percent or more of your estate, you are exercising the POWER OF ONE person to make a difference. If all of our supporters made a similar gift, think how powerful each one would become!

    How Can I Participate? (Click to expand)

If you don't have a will, contact an attorney to set one up. It is a gift you give your family. If you need help to find an attorney, let us know. We have many resources that can help.
If you do have a will, all it takes is a simple codicil to include a beneficiary, such as the following phrase: "I hereby give, devise and bequeath one percent (1%) of my estate to Norwood Life Care Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization located in Chicago, Illinois for its exempt purpose." Always consult with your attorney regarding any changes to your estate plan.

Most of us have a number of family members that we must provide for in our estate plans. We may have multiple charities that we support as well. Please consider including the Foundation among them; a gift of one percent still allows you to support the most important people in your life - and our seniors too.

By including a gift to Norwood Life Care Foundation, you become a member of the Legacy Society, a special group of people who have made planned gift arrangements in support of our organization. Legacy Society members have included Norwood Life Care Foundation in their estate plans or have set up charitable gift annuities with us. These deferred gifts will positively impact our work for both our current and future generation of seniors. What a wonderful legacy to leave!

Let Us Know!

We value the opportunity to thank all of our Legacy Society donors. With your permission, we will acknowledge your gift along with our other Legacy Society members, and invite you to an annual reception and other events. By publicizing your gift, you encourage others to give as well - truly an example of the Power of One. Please contact us to discuss the Power of One today! If you would prefer to speak with someone immediately, you can always call us at 773-577-5308.

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Help us enhance the independence and well-being of older adults.


Thank You!
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